Frauen weiterhin ungeschlagen

Der weite Weg zu unserem zweiten Platz am Barmwisch hat sich für die zahlreichen Zuschauer an diesem Samstag mehr als gelohnt. Trotz starker Leistung der Gegnerinnen dominierte das Team um Kapitänin Johanna Jahnke das Spiel von Anfang an und gewann verdient 52:0 (32:0). Die Versuche legten: Stephanie Harringer (3), Johanna Jahnke (3), Elke Peters (2), Sonja Schumacher (1) und Ebru Yara (1).

Trainer Phil Gilbert zum Spiel:
St Pauli Frauen turned on some great team rugby to defeat SG Magie by 52-0 and scored 10 Tries. After a 10 minute start where several dropped passes stopped St Pauli from scoring the team roared into life and lead 32-0 at halftime. The second half start was positive and quickly 4 more tries were scored. The match was reduced to 10s due to SG Magie not having a full 15s and therefore 30 minutes each half lessened scoring opportunities. Allowing for no score in the first ten minutes and the last 10 minutes where SG Magie spirit remained and they attacked; the final 52-0 score was exceptional. The St Pauli Frauen were well supported by a very good crowd, including the St Pauli 2nds Men as well as TV camera coverage. The pitch was presented well, so thanks to Gerd as groundsman. The 3rd half after party was made better with the good wine and very hot tasty food so thanks to all- Ralphi and those Frauen not playing who presented the food. The party went on later in the night with St Pauli triumphant.

Text: Phil Gilbert